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Hello, I'm Darryl Robinson, owner of Alpha Water Solutions.  First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit with me.   I have built my business using  thirty  years of experience to provide you with great service  and prices  for all your plumbing and water conditioning needs.   Our licensed. insured, and professionally trained plumbers will  expertly   replace, repair or maintain  any of your plumbing and water conditioning equipment .  Need installation only? We do that too.   Plus we are an  authorized installer for online water conditioning companies like Easy Water, Pelican, and Aquasana!   Right now  we have special pricing on many of the most common plumbing repairs.    Plus we offer additional discounts to seniors,  and having more than one repair done.  We always match any licensed  plumbing contractor's  written estimate on identical work. and material.  We always give you the price of the repair and get your permission before we start the job.    There is never a  service charge,obligation,  or high  pressure!   So why wait?  Call now while appointments are still available!  Here are  just a few examples.  As always, the price includes standard installation! 

Water Analysis-Reg. $129.00  Absolutely free.  Save $129.00 !!

 Can you believe this? No charge to have our licensed  plumber analyze  your water for several contaminants. Receive a printed report and professional recommendation to improve your water quality.     Call now while there are still appointments available on this one!!!

Insinkerator Garbage Disposer-Reg. $359.00 Sale $249.00   Save $110.00 !!

Do you know that no disposer or a bad disposer will clog your sink drain when you need it most, costing you extra money for drain cleaning?  This brand is the top choice of professional plumbers and features a 100 per cent in home parts and labor warranty by the manufacturer. ! Made right here in the USA!  Standard installation. No other discounts apply.

Mansfield Toilet With Seat-Reg. $389.00 Sale $249.00  Save $140.00 !!

Don't put up with that crap! anymore!   Replace that leaking,unsanitary,poor flushing toilet plus save money on your water bill!  Plus I will put on a new seat for your enjoyment!  Made right here in the USA!!  Standard installation. No other discounts apply.

Moen Kitchen Sink Faucet-Reg. $389.00 Sale $219.00 Save $$170.00 !!

Why put up with that hard to turn, ugly, dripping , nand water wasting  faucet anymore!  This Moen faucet without spray  has a lifetime guarantee and it's made right here in Ohio !!!   Standard installation.  No other discounts apply.

Drain Cleaning(up to 2" diameter)- Reg. $129.00 Sale $98.00 Save  $$31.00 !!

Don't waste any more time and money on expensive drain cleaners and substandard,dangerous, rental equipment that doesn't work or even worse yet ruins your pipes and causes them to leak.   We will professionally clean your fixture drain  and leave no mess behind! Standard cleaning though accessible trap or cleanout.  No other discounts apply. No warranty.

Envirotemp Water Heater-40 Gallon Natural Gas-Reg.$ 799.00 Sale $679.00 Save $120.00 !!

So cold showers just aren't fun anymore?  Is that  old water heater  making strange noises?  Even worse, is it so inefficient  that you are throwing money away.  Get this top rated and professionally installed water heater now while price and quantities  last.  Made right here in the USA.   Natural gas model.  Standard installation.   No other discounts apply.

Water Conditioner-Easy Water No Salt Water Conditioner-Reg. $1300.00  Sale Price  $1100.00  Save $200.00 !!

The Easy Water Model 1100 is about the size of a cigar box. Forget about salt,maintenance, and wasting backwash water down the drain! Cleans out existing scale from your pipes and water heater too!  Oh, did I mention you also get to keep all of those important minerals like calcium and magnesium your body needs.   Of course it's made right here in the good old USA!  Standard installation. Removal of existing water conditioning is extra.  No other discounts apply. water softener alternative

Reverse Osmosis  Water Filtration System-Reg. $940.00 Sale Price $650.00  !!  Save 290.00!!

Installs under your sink or in the basement  with its own faucet mounted  on your kitchen sink.  This five stage 50 gallon per day  filter system  removes up to 98% of  the contaminants and carcinogens from the water you drink. . No bad tasting or smelly water here.  No more mineral build up in your coffee maker.  Enjoy your favorite beverages like never before!!    Standard installation to an existing sink hole.  No other discounts apply.


 Water Heater Tune Up & Flush Out-Reg. $129.00  Sale Price $89.00. Save $40.00 !!

Are you running out of hot water?  Is it crackling and sizzling and making strange noises?  Do you know the water heater manufacture will not honor the warranty unless it is serviced regularly?  What better time to make your water heater last longer and run more efficiently. Standard tune up.   Extra parts/labor  if necessary are an additional cost.  No other discounts apply.

 Battery Back Up Sump Pump-Reg. $1293.00  Sale $993.00   Save  $300.00  !!

Remember the  heartache of going down to your basement and finding all your possessions, water heater, and furnace, submerged in water and ruined?  Maybe it happened to someone you know.  If not, just  think about the scenario when that old sump pump breaks or the power goes out just when you need it most.   This Hydromatic  pump mounts above your main pump and automatically starts in an emergency.  No maintenance, just peace of mind!  Standard installation .   No other discounts apply.

Well Water System Tune Up-Reg. $129.00  Sale Price $89.00  Save $40.00 !!

Can't stay in the shower and sing long enough like you used to because  you run out of  water pressure?  You know running all the time and cycling on and off  is hard on that well pump and costs you in electricity!   Our trained and seasoned technicians will perform a flow test, check/adust the well tank pressure to factory specs, and check/adjust the pressure switch to factory settings  Plus well do a broad spectrun water analysis to see if there's any harmful contaminants  or carcinogens in your water if you wish. .  Standard Tune up.  Extra parts/labo if required will be quoted separately and at additional cost.

Gas Leak Test-Reg. $129.00  Sale Price $89.00.  Save $40.00 !!

Do you know what happens when the gas company reads your meter and finds a gas leak?  Or you call them because you smell gas? They shut off your gas because it's dangerous to you and your neighbors ! You can imagine what happens with not heat, no  hot water,  and no stove!!  Have us out to check your gas pipes for leaks before this happens to you.   Be safe.  Wiithout those hazardous leaks you may  even save some money on your gas bills!!  Residentiall only.  Extra parts/labor  if required will be quoted separately and at additional cost.

$20 Off Any Plumbing Or Water Conditioning Work !!

Use it on any service we provide. except the above items , sale or special promotional items listed as 'No other discounts apply'.

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Flat rate pricing- You know the price and we ask your permission  before the repair begins!

Multiple repair discount- The more repairs you have us do  the more money you save!

Senior citizen discount- You built this country, you earned it.

Warranty (drain cleaning excluded, ask for details)

Price match guarantee.

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